Light Crystal of the month: Pearl of Grace from Mother Mary

Light Crystal of the month: Pearl of Grace from Mother Mary

November 2020

Pearl of Grace from Mother Mary

The Pearl of Grace from Mother Mary is one of our smallest pendants with an immense effect on you.

Let go of your fears and anxieties about the future. Let go of everything that worries you at the moment. Place yourself trustingly in the arms of Mother Mary and the Seraphim of God who are connected to this aura pendant. There is always a solution and they will lead you out of the darkest hours of your soul back to the light.
Place your soul's pain into the flaming heart of Mother Mary. When your soul is covered in darkness, Mother Mary ignites her flame. With this light of grace, Mother Mary, the Queen of the Angels, ignites your heart and gives you her heavenly blessing..

You may wear the Pearl of Grace as a beautifully shining aura pendant on a chain around your neck. Thus the energy radiates in your aura. You are accompanied by Mother Mary and the angels, who protect you, guide you and overflow you with their Light from higher worlds.

Mutter Maria

The Pearl of Grace from Mother Mary lights your path of life in challenging times

There are many situations in life where you may need heavenly light. This Pealr of Grace from Mother Mary leads you through challenging and difficult times in your life, for example:

Loss of a loved one

Dispute in partnership or family

Shock caused by accident

General frightening situations or states of the current time

Termination of work contract

Dissatisfaction with yourself

Always carry the Pearl of Grace with you in these times, ask for intensive activation of this Light Crystal and for illuminated guidance. You can also ask for other people, animals, etc. and speak for example:

"Dear Mother Mary, please cleanse, heal and open my heart. Help me to let go of everything that makes me sad. Give me your grace and your light.“

"Dear Mother Mary, dear angels, I am presenting to you today a request from the bottom of my heart: I ask for peace between all the people involved ... or for healing for ..."

You can also seek heavenly advice by saying:

"How do you see this situation from your superior position?"

Or: "What can I do now? What do you advise me?"

Once you notice that you are feeling worse again...

Do not let yourself be dragged down into suffering! Instead, each time, focus on Mother Mary and the angels again. Call upon them in your heart, let them comfort and guide you. Feel yourself covered by the love flames of Mother Mary and the Seraphim of God.