Light Crystal of the month: Ashtar Pendant

Light Crystal of the month: Ashtar Pendant

September 2020

Ashtar Pendant

The Ashtar Pendant connects you instantly with the Heart Matrix of the Star Brothers and Sisters who work for this Earth. You feel their loving presence from heart to heart, because they have been waiting for this contact with you for a long time. They accompany you and connect you to higher worlds of light. They bring you the cosmic brilliance of the stars, ignite your true light potential and increase your light consciousness.

Adonai Ashtar and the Star Brothers and Sisters create a diamond light connection from your heart to their light matrix and to the higher realms of light. They build a powerful field of light around your aura, in which you are protected.
It is currently one of the most important pendants, considering the circumstances of the time. The pendant helps you to integrate your luminous star aspects and to create light channels for our earth.

Short meditation: Go into heart contact with the Star Brothers and Star Sisters

Take the pendant in your hands and look at the Heart Matrix. You can also look at this picture, if you do not own the pendant yet.
Connect with it and let your breath flow evenly.
Be aware that you are carried by this Heart Matrix with infinite love and protection.
Now feel the radiant, luminous presence of the Star Brothers and Sisters, their unconditional love and familiarity.
They help you to enhance your brain functions, to expand your light consciousness and reactivate your personal star codes and ray connections to all suns and planets of light.
Visualize how a glowing field of light ignites around you and envelops you in golden light.
Sense how your body, chakras and energy bodies are gently lifted to a higher level of consciousness.
Feel the bundled light and love frequency of the Star Sister and Brothers, which works and heals within you.
Your entire light body now shines with pure diamond energy. See the joy and gratitude in the shining eyes of the Star Sisters and Brothers thanks to this contact with you.
Let this energy continue to work for a moment and save this light energy in every cell of your body. Thank the Star Brothers and Sisters and slowly come back to your presence.