Channeling of the month from Jesus Sananda

Channeling of the month from Jesus Sananda

April 2021

Let the Light of Christ shine in you on Easter! Jesus Christ wants to work for you and through you. Leave the past behind you now and enter the healing temple of his heart.

Jesus Sananda speaks:

"For this Easter, I invite you to come into the temple of my heart! Here burns the eternal Easter Light. It is the Light of grace and resurrection, the Light of true hope.

I ignite this Easter Light in your heart and in all your heart's desires. Every situation, no matter how difficult it seems to be, will be transformed in my Easter Light. Through the light of resurrection, I bring true healing to your body and soul.

I ignite my eternal Easter Light in you, in all hearts and over the entire Earth. Trust in the powerful healing power of my heart!

The Easter light means: Christ is risen! Christ is victorious forever!"

Channeled by Kyria Deva