November 2022 - Message of the Month from Metatron & Isis: Let go of the old and be reborn with the Galactic Goddess Isis

November 2022 - Message of the Month from Metatron & Isis: Let go of the old and be reborn with the Galactic Goddess Isis

In November, in the zodiac sign of the intense Scorpio, you can powerfully dive down to the depths of your soul. You need not fear any darkness, rather you can look at the dark corners and most hidden fears, transform them and return them to the divine. The Light Universe is with you now as you finally say goodbye to old burdens in your soul but also on the physical plane.

Ask yourself: What is weighing me down? What frightens me? Where do I get stuck in my thoughts and emotions again and again in unpleasant states?

Now is the time to throw off the old and free yourself from it. In doing so, you make room for the light that wants to be born in you. For in place of the past comes the new birth and the light of resurrection.

The Merkaba energy helps you to cleanse and rebuild your light body most thoroughly.

Lightlord Metatron speaks about it:

"An activated Light Merkaba always brings you and everything in you into sync with the Light Universe. Connect with the energy of my wonderful Light Vehicle [the Merkaba of Metatron] and you are in harmony and in tune with the [Divine] Source, in tune with your High Self.
This is the frequency that the Galactic Goddess Isis brings to you. She keeps everything in balance and harmony in the infinite cycle. Worlds and evolutionary cycles flow into each other. Everything flows in divine harmony, in loving vibration and in loving flow.
When you are in this wonderful flow of eternity, you are in tune with the heart of God, with the heart of the galaxy, with the heart of the solar system – and your Merkaba is in sync with the heart of the Galactic Goddess.

Light waves are emanating from the center of the galaxy. It is the love vibrations of the Goddess who guards this galaxy, who always leads everything back into her loving heart of light, into the light vibration of her heart. She is the beating heart of the galaxy.

The Galactic Goddess Isis is a wonderful entity of grace, purest beauty and most primal love. Birth and rebirth, passing and becoming are one and emanate from her: transforming and yet being reborn again on a higher plane of creation.
That is why the joy of rebirth reigns and the old sorrow of dying and passing away flows away. With ease you can let go of the old and say goodbye, because the Goddess is already there and shows you the new life, shows you the new birth."

The Galactic Goddess Isis speaks:

Come into my heart. You just need to flow into my heart. Transfer everything old and past into my heart and flow out of my heart reborn and radiant. The beat, the rhythm, of my innermost divine love is within you."

Channeled by Kyria Deva