Channeling of the month from Metatron

Channeling of the month from Metatron

January 2021

The Age of the Holy Spirit begins. The earth is now entering higher dimensions of light. And we are doing this together with her. What changes will we experience as a result?

Metatron speaks about what awaits us in the New Year:

"This is what is happening now: From the center of the galaxy, ever higher vibrating streams of light are pouring down upon humanity and the Earth. The New Age is now breaking forth with vehemence.

The light emanations of the primordial Central Suns are bursting the boundaries and self-imposed limitations within you and within humanity. This brings flowing transitions and lightful interweavings of the dimensions.

All solidified structures in your light body are now coming into flow. The natural flow of light in your Chakra System activates with ease and the karmic knots dissolve.
The contact with us, your Light and Star Brothers and Sisters, is also established and it feels so wonderfully natural. In this way, you can more easily leave connections and situations of low vibration behind.
Your light vibration elevates itself into higher dimensions of consciousness and you anchor yourself anew.

Humanity as a whole is raising its vibration of love. It is the entrance into an Age of endleass possibilities."

Channeled by Kyria Deva