Channeling of the month from Archangel Metatron

Channeling of the month from Archangel Metatron

November 2020

Maybe you have had the feeling lately that everything you are experiencing feels like an unreal dream. Maybe you are trying to figure out what is happening and you keep coming up against limits.

Archangel Metatron speaks to you:

"Beloved, this is Light Lord Metatron and today all the saints are present around you.

Perhaps you cannot fully accept it with your mind. But it is an extraordinary and wonderful time that you are experiencing now here on this earth.
You are an awakened Light Being. Therefore you are participating in the great plan of the worlds. It is the plan for the ascension of the earth. Each awakened soul is of infinite value to the heart of God. For you form an anchorage point for the divine plan and for the laws of love of the universe.
Understand it from the higher perspective: what apparent rulers do on earth has no meaning in this context. The divine plan is being carried out and it is being carried out through you, beloved Lightheart.

The Ascended Ones of all times who have lived on this earth come today and lower their golden light field of pure love into you. You are a golden portal for the New Age. This means: they lower the entire light consciousness from their Golden Cities into you, onto your land and onto the whole Earth. So it is."

Channeled by Kyria Deva