Channeling of the month from High Priest Melchizedek

Channeling of the month from High Priest Melchizedek

March 2021

Do you sometimes get impatient and doubt that everything will really change for the better? High Priest Melchizedek assures you that you can trust, because the earth is being transformed according to God's plan.

High Priest Melchizedek speaks

"Radiant portals of light open up to the throne room. The heart of God pours out its counsels like streams of fire upon this earth. For it has been decided that this earth as a whole will be elevated into a New Age, into a new higher dimension of light consciousness.

All beings and energies that want to hold on to the old and outdated are being seized, transformed and taken away by the fire streams from the source. This also applies to the energies within you. Be ready to be completely liberated! Let go of everything that has passed, because your soul is overjoyed. It rejoices, for it will be free.

The trumpet angels proclaim the Word of God in all universes, galaxies, dimensions, star systems, times and on this earth. What has been decided will happen and it is already happening. This earth is being transformed. You can trust in that completely.
So be it."

Channeled by Kyria Deva