Channeling of the month from Adonai Ashtar

Channeling of the month from Adonai Ashtar

July 2021

Many of us pray and meditate more than ever during this time. Sometimes we ask ourselves: When will the new Age finally arrive? Ashtar explains to us how the divine plans are moving unstoppably forward and that we may have confidence.

Adonai Ashtar speaks:

"This is Ashtar, your starbrother. You have called us and asked for support from the Source. We are in the midst of you all and now we come to each one.
We, your star brothers and sisters, work in the divine plan for the earth and for the souls. For a battle has broken out for every single soul.

You can imagine the divine plan like a perfect clockwork. Beings who want to oppose it will fail. Because the divine plan advances second by second unstoppably until it enters into perfect manifestation. All beings, all souls and all worlds work and vibrate in perfect harmony with each other and implement this divine plan.

The divine agenda works in the Christ consciousness and involves contact with your true star brothers and sisters - even to the point of physical contact with the lightful star civilizations. This brings you lightful advancement, new technologies, elevation of light consciousness and unfolding of your divine potential, as it was and is intended by the heart of God.

We are now transferring the divine plan to you, into your souls. So you are always in time with the next step of the agenda.

You are one with us and therefore absolutely protected. You are radiant, aligned and uplifted! Stay in this clear confidence that the divine resolutions take effect and manifest."

Channeled by Kyria Deva