Channeling of the month from Adonai Ashtar

Channeling of the month from Adonai Ashtar

December 2020

Our world is changing more and more. A new time is dawning - on earth and within us. Our Star Brother Ashtar speaks about the change of our human consciousness.

Adonai Ashtar speaks:

"Beloved, I am Adonai Ashtar the sun-like Radiant One.

The Light of the primordial Central Suns streams in powerfully and covers the whole earth. Thus the old limitations fall away from you. Your thoughts vibrate higher and higher, vibrate beyond what is humanly imaginable – and vibrate into universal eternity.

This is what is happening now at the beginning of the New Age:
Your higher senses and higher perception are opening. You are being born into a new state of consciousness. It is truly like the butterfly that emerges from its chrysalis, that breaks everything open and is free. This elevates you beyond fear, for the frequency of fear vibrates too low. You are like a butterfly that has escaped this fear, that can never be captured by the lower vibrations again.
You are growing into the genius of your true being. Allow the waves of Light - that are streaming in more and more intensely - to capture and elevate you. In truth, you are as lightful as we are."

Channeled by Kyria Deva