November 1 - All Saints' Day

November 1 - All Saints' Day

The Saints - Your Lightbringers and Soulguides

On All Saints' Day we celebrate all people who have ascended from this earth to the highest heavenly dimensions. Like us, they have lived on this earth, transformed their karma and overcame all obstacles. Now they are our teachers and bringers of grace.

Famous saints are for example:

Anne (Mother of Mary)

Catherine of Siena

Teresa of Ávila

Father Pio of Pietrelcina

Thérèse of Lisieux

Francis of Assisi

It is their greatest wish that we also follow this path of liberation and redemption. And they would like to support us in this.

On All Saints' Day people storm the heavens and the saints with their prayers. Therefore, the heavenly gates are wide open for us to receive divine grace. It is especially effective on this day to call the saints and to put all your requests and prayers into their hearts.

The saints understand you very well, for they know the challenges of life here on earth. During their lifetime they themselves have mastered difficulties and tasks, so that they were allowed to ascend.

Maybe you have a favorite saint whom you keep calling to ask for protection and guidance? All Saints' Day is the perfect day to reconnect with him or her in the heart. Let them guide you in prayers and meditations. Open yourself wide for their presence and their inspirations.

Little All Saints' Meditation

You can repeat this meditation at any time. It is wonderful to get daily deeper into the heart contact and spiritual guidance of the saints.

If you have an Angel's Gate, you may take it in your hands for this meditation. It envelopes you in a protected space of light, opens your spiritual perception and helps you to create a pure contact with the saints you call upon.

Close your eyes, let your body relax and breathe calmly.
Call in your heart the saints to whom you have a special connection.
Feel into this deep heart contact.
Speak to them and put your prayers into their hearts.
(You can say, for example: "Beloved Francis of Assisi, please come to me and give me the Christ Light, which frees me from all old burdens and leads me back to the divine source. Guide me on the path of my life. Be my teacher, soulguide and protector.")
Thank the saints for their work and the graces they ask for you.
End the meditation by taking a deep breath and returning to your body with full attention.

Gate of Ascension - "The Angel's Gate"


It is wonderful to do such meditations with the Angel Gate.

  • It opens a powerful channel into the higher dimensions of light for you
  • It helps you to connect much more easily and directly with angels and ascended masters. They greet you wholeheartedly and fill your entire aura with their light.
  • You experience deep and intensive meditation