Light Crystal of the month: Gate of Ascension

Light Crystal of the month: Gate of Ascension

August 2020

It is a unique moment when you hold this Angel´s Gate in your hands for the first time, for its potential is beyond imagination. Many of us still remember exactly what changed into light in life afterwards.

The Angel´s Gate instantly opens Light and Star Portals. It connects you with angels and ascended masters who accompany and guide you. In these turbulent times it helps you to enter into calm, silence and internalization. Open your heart and invite the angels into your life!.

Archangel Metatron speaks in a channeling about this Light Crystal:

"Just open your Heart Chakra and welcome the Crystal Angels streaming into your plane, your dimension through this gate; you will feel our presence."

Channeled by Kyria Deva

The Angel's Gate comes in a small and in a large version.
Regardless of the size, it creates a protected light space everywhere, so that you are absolutely safe and secure. It energizes and harmonizes an entire room, apartment or a house with the energy of Archangel Metatron’s Crystal Sphere and opens a spiritual gate to the primordial crystal energies.

You may use the Angel´s Gate for:

Deep relaxation, regeneration and inner peace
Take the Angel`s Gate into your hands. If you do not have a Gate yet, you can also immerse yourself in a photo of the gate in your mind and then close your eyes.
Hold it, look at it and feel the enormous power. It is a true Gate of Light that opens instantly into a light-filled, high vibrating plane of the Angels and Ascended Ones. The beautiful Crystal Angels and Metatron welcome you in the heart and connect with you joyfully.
You are protected and carried in a huge channel of light. You are one with the gate and your Higher Self. Allow yourself to be completely immersed in deep relaxation and deep inner peace.

Lightful guidance in case of a question or a situation and you do not know what to do next
To do this, take the gate in your hand and breathe in and out a few times. Ask Metatron or the Crystal Angels to support you. Imagine that you could let flow into the gate whatever stresses you – a situation, problem, doubt or fear. Breathe in and out, a few strong breaths, and feel the tension or heaviness fall away from you.
You may also receive a message that is important for your next step. Be curious and open for what may happen.

Help for your loved ones
You can mentally send the light energy of the gate to loved persons so that they can experience strengthening and healing in a difficult situation. Or put the gate on a photo of a person or a pet and ask for healing.

Consciously connect with this energy and feel carried, freed, relieved and surrounded with loving energies. It is a gate for angels and ascended masters who then work lovingly with you.