Light Crystal of the month: Flower of Life Pendant

Light Crystal of the month: Flower of Life Pendant

October 2020

Flower of Life Pendant

The Flower of Life Pendant is a wonderful aura pendant that connects you with Archangel Metatron. Metatron gives you the energy of the Flower of Life. He leads you into the All-Oneness with the Light Universe, your Brothers and Sisters of Light. You are connected with them from heart to heart and you feel carried.

The Flower of Life Pendant transforms your Light Body through the inherent Sacred Geometry. Gently and gradually your energy centers, energy channels and energy bodies will be permeated with the energy of the Flower of Life and thus their vibration will be elevated.

Short meditation exercise: Activate the Flower of Live within you

You can do this short meditation today to connect with Archangel Metatron and feel this energy.

Take the pendant in your hand

Look at its form in detail. See the many circles interlocking in this sacred geometry. Then close your eyes.
If you do not own a pendant, look at the picture above, immerse youzrself in it and ask that this energy be transferred to you.

Go into the heart connection with Archangel Metatron

He is the carrier of the origninal primordial pattern of life and of all creation, the Sacred Geometry. He also carries the flower of life.

Imagine that you could enlarge the flower of life

so that you hold it in your hands like a medium sized ball

Now enlarge it further so that you completely and comfortably surrounded by it in a lightful way
Now perceive how all burdens and all heaviness flows away from you
Feel the connection to the Light Universe and to the Brothers and Sisters of Light

They look at you lovingly. Gently and softly you will be reconnected and interwoven with the All-Onenessin communion with all blissful Brothers and Sisters of Light.

You feel infinitely carried, accepted, loved and connected with the All-Oneness

This is the connection with all there is. The primordial pattern of all life, of all creation is ignited in you on all levels.

Anchor this wonderful, invigorating feeling in every cell of your body
Archangel Metatron now accompanies you through a huge golden gate

He leads you the path of ascension, which leads you out of the old karma laws into a universe sparkling with stars and planets. You see our wonderful planet earth, surrounded and light-filled by a huge Flower of Life.

Take a few deep breaths and slowly return to your body

The more often and intensively you do this process, the more lightful connections will be created in your relationships with other people and beings.