Light Crystal of the month: Buddha Pendant

Light Crystal of the month: Buddha Pendant

June 2020

Buddha Pendant

The Buddha Pendant draws the radiant presence of Buddha and the Enlightened Masters into your aura. They accompany and guide you on your path of knowledge. You learn to not to take the daily experiences so hard, but instead to look at everything in a superior way and to accept it calmly.

The Ascended Masters connect with you and intensify the energy of enlightenment within you, so that the Divine awakens within you. You come into resonance with the OM of the universe, with the breath and rhythm of God. The whole universe of light attunes itself to this divine resonance and you resonate with it.

Take the pendant in your hands, touch the filigree golden Buddha figure and contemplate it. You can also look at this picture, if you don't own a pendant yet.

Connect with it by coming to rest and consciously letting your breath flow.
Immerse yourself in the deep silence, tranquility, deep truth and in the absolute divine being.
Visualize and imagine how golden light and love are spreading ever further within you.

Enjoy this moment and this peace. Feel the energy of enlightenment and bliss expanding within you, as the flame of enlightenment ignites in your heart. Experience how the Divine and the Master Soul awakens within you. You are surrounded by masters, you are guided and taught.