Light Crystal of the month: Ashtar Sphere

Light Crystal of the month: Ashtar Sphere

May 2020

Ashtar Sphere

The Ashtar Sphere connects you with your Cosmic Brothers and Sisters of Light. They accompany you through these exciting times and help you to gain new confidence. They free you from burdens and activate your light body process, i.e. the development of your light body on all levels.

The Cosmic Brothers and Sisters of Light, "The Intergalactic Brotherhood", joyfully connect with you. The Star Brothers and Sisters of Light assist you in expanding your brain functions and your light consciousness. They reactivate your personal star codes and light connections to all suns and planets of Light as well as the light body process within you. You will be accompanied in a lightful way and your spiritual journeys will be intensified.

You may take the Ashtar Sphere in your hands, feel it and connect with the Cosmic Brothers and Sisters. Wish and imagine yourself connecting with them. Open your heart and let them know what your concerns are or what you wish them to do. Give them everything that weights on you. Ask them to expand and lighten your consciousness so that they can become active. For they respect your free will and are very happy when you go into heart contact and communication with them.