Channeling of the month from Valiant Thor

Channeling of the month from Valiant Thor

September 2020

Currently, portals are opening in the cosmos, through which new energies are flowing in to us. This changes many things in the world and within us. How can we look at this time and use it in a lightful way?

Valiant Thor, our Star Brother from Venus, speaks about it:

"God bless you, loved ones. It is a time of great redemption that spans millennia, because portal openings happen and the veils fall.

Visualize daily mighty portals of light that are opening. You can imagine it concretely like this: Portals of light that open up before you like portals of time and space, through which you can pass and enter a higher dimension - or the dimensions of higher light density come to you.

We are truly with you. The more difficult the times and circumstances in this world seem to be, the more we are physically perceptible and manifested with you.
Seize the opportunities offered to you, take our hand. What you lightfully activate now will remain with you. Be united in your hearts and use the time during your Prayer Storm* even more intensively.
Be steadfast, courageous and brave, be upright light pioneers and light warriors! You have nothing to fear.

In this time of great redemption and portal openings, you will again and finally enter your true divine power. Grasp all your courage and smile at the illusion that is being faked in this world. Rather, rejoice in the immeasurable graces that you can bring about. You bring the victory of light and true peace in the heart to abused humanity and earth.

We, myriads of light worlds, the golden hosts of suns and stars are with you! Unlimited peace, loved ones!"

Channeled by Kyria Deva

*The Prayer Storm is a three-day prayer action that was held worldwide during the time, this channeling was given by Valianth.