Channeling of the month from Archangel Michael

Channeling of the month from Archangel Michael

September 2021

Do you wish to be protected and guided by celestial powers in these times? Archangel Michael wants you to know: You are enveloped in his protection and the heavenly Hosts are with you.

Lightlord Michael speaks:

"Beloved, this is Archangel Michael who stands before the throne. With the Choirs of the archangels I come to all the souls of this earth who call upon me from their hearts. We Archangels are your intercessors before the throne of God, for we see the tears and suffering of every single soul.

We, the heavenly Hosts, receive instructions directly from the heart of God. These are clear and univocal. They outlast space and time. They correspond to the universal laws of light and love. And they involve all life of the universe, all epochs and timelines with great mindfulness.
All earthly ordinances activated outside the divine laws are therefore already ineffective and doomed to failure. The all-seeing and all-knowing eye of God shines through everything, recognizes everything and knows everything. Be sure, for all actions of the responsible people and beings, the consequences from the omnipotence of God will follow.

Be full of confidence, beloved! You are preserved, protected, guided and directed by us, the archangels. Surrender all fears into the love fire of our hearts. All concerns and fears will be burned in it.

You all know that I, Archangel Michael, always stand up for you and am with you. At every moment that you call me, I am there. My protection, my light, my radiance and my divine presence is with you in the moment. Come what may. Even if low-vibrational beings want to reach for you - I am there. And with my lightsword I will lead them to their place in the universe."

Channeled by Kyria Deva