May 2022 - Channeling of the month from Metatron: You are the light creator of the golden future

May 2022 - Channeling of the month from Metatron: You are the light creator of the golden future

Now that nature is blossoming into its full creative power and bloom, you can use this light-filled momentum of energy for yourself. Metatron advises you to direct your energy into your own creative power. Liberate and purify yourself inwardly now to co-create the future of humanity. For what is within you will manifest.

Metatron speaks:

"Sometimes you assume that what you think is only fantasy and therefore cannot exist. But, if you can imagine and conceive something with your human mind, then it actually does exist. Because everything that humans can think of exists in some form. So begin to be careful and mindful with your thoughts. Be ready to leave behind everything that is of low vibration!

Much is being spread through your media and pulling you down emotionally or mentally into dimensions of lower vibration. When you follow these energies into the lower dimensions, you are helping to create them. Therefore, rise up again and again in your emotions, in your thoughts and in your mind.
Surrender your entire emotional, mental and spiritual body into cleansing, liberation and healing. Let go of the dark energies completely and allow yourself to be totally transformed.
Put in its place the true Golden Christ Consciousness. Visualize the Golden Cities of the Enlightened Ones. They are real dimensions that you can connect to and become one with simply through your light-filled thoughts.

Now surrender to me all the low vibrations of all humanity for transformation. Visualize the dark future possibilities being erased. For they can only be activated by humanity turning to these negative possibilities.
You have the possibility and the authority for the light of the divine primordial central suns to shine in upon you, and thus the negative future timelines are extinguished by the Holy Will of God. You possess immeasurable light-creating power. You have it in your hands. You carry it within you. You yourselves are the Golden Future anchored here and now."

Channeled by Kyria Deva