Channeling of the month from High Priest Melchisezedek

Channeling of the month from High Priest Melchisezedek

July 2020

Maybe you're wondering: What does my future look like? What will be in a few months or in a year? In what world will I live in?
Melchizedek prompts you not to remain passive, but to enter into your creative power and actively shape your life.

High Priest Melchizedek speaks:

"Powerful radiations from the cosmos are currently arriving on Earth. Light Portals to Alcyone and the primordial central suns are opening.You receive the Light Wave that streams from the center of the galaxy to Earth. This causes thoughts to manifest faster and more directly.

It is a time when you can practice mindfulness. Everything that is important to you can be permeated with light through meditation and focused thoughts. Let yourself be flooded with light. Concentrate on what you want to protect, what situation you want to change in a lightful way and send the energetic radiance there. By thinking in a focused, lightful way, you decide what will happen in your life and on earth! It is not the situations that happen in the world that control your life and your future. Rather, what you send out will manifest itself.
This time invites you to be careful with your thoughts. All in all, you will step up into your creative power."

Channeled by Kyria Deva