October 2022 - Message of the month from Jesus Sananda: The Master Light activates within you

October 2022 - Message of the month from Jesus Sananda: The Master Light activates within you

Many of us are going through difficult times right now. Perhaps you too are facing special challenges? Jesus Sananda wants to give you confidence. For all that you overcome now, in steadfast loyalty to the Divine, will allow you to grow and let your inner Master Light shine.

Jesus Sananda speaks:

"We, the Ascended and Enlightened Ones, know that you are going through a difficult time right now and that you are also going through one doubt or another. But remain in deep trust, for we are with you. Nothing can and must happen to you that is intended by the darkness, for you are in our protection. The time [i.e. the New Age] comes, it speaks for you, every day, every heartbeat, together with us, united in the light.

Have faith! For all that you are mastering now and where you do not allow yourselves to be pulled down into darkness, but hold on to the fact that the Divine is with you, all that makes your souls great [in reference to inner growth], strong, powerful, leads you into mastery and into your master potential. It lets you develop your talents and abilities.

Rise above all these low-vibrating, apparent difficulties. Elevate yourselves by uniting with us and you will enter into your true master potential. This is a divine truth, a divine promise.
This is what we, your Brothers and Sisters of Light, wish for you every day. And it is what we activate, ignite and unfold with you in the common Light Work. This is the most important thing!

When you are always [energetically] elevated and aligned [to the Divine] and thus escaped far away from all these lowlands of darkness, then you have arrived at your true blossoming. You are blossoming in your master radiance. This is what is developing in you right now and bursting forth from you. Open yourselves to it, the time is here!"

Channeled by Kyria Deva