Channeling of the month from Adonai Ashtar

Channeling of the month from Adonai Ashtar

May 2020

Now many people are asking themselves new questions and are awakening. The time has come for us to go beyond our previous mental limits and raise our consciousness!

Adonai Ashtar speaks about it:

"Beloved Brothers and Sisters of this earth, this is Adonai Ashtar, the sun-like Radiant One.
We, your Cosmic Brothers and Sisters of Light, are concretely with you and stand by you in every moment, in every breath.

Just as spring and summer time announces itself in the outside world and everything blossoms in new splendor, you shall also shine and blossom anew in your Light Body.
We create the contact from heart to heart and activate the Light Consciousness of the higher Star Civilizations within you. With our golden Solar Ships we fly to this earth in thousands.
This causes cosmic awakening in your hearts and in your entire being. Open your perception for completely new dimensions of consciousness and you know: everything is reborn and the golden future is here!"

Channeled by Kyria Deva