Diamond Earrings crystal clear

Diamond Earrings crystal clear

of eternal Grace

The beauty of Venus

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  • Key to the Diamond Sphere
  • Purest, divine flow of grace
  • Becoming a light bearer of grace for the entire creation
  • Connection to the enlightened Lady Masters who are able to transmute their bodies into pure light
  • The Goddess within you awakens
  • Radiance of Goddess Venus: Beauty, harmony, youth

The gift of Lightlord Metatron and Goddess Venus is the connection to the diamond plane of light which is filled with grace and the energy of salvation. You will become a bearer of such a portal of grace for creation and Earth. Heavenly beauty will spread in your aura as well as deep faith in your divine guidance. This light diamond earrings fill your aura with the diamond radiance of Goddess Venus and the Venusian star brothers and sisters of light.

Diamond energisation and initiation.

Possible Uses:
Wear the earrings – and experience the brilliance and radiance of heavenly beauty. Additionally the earrings help to balance the energies of the left and right brain hemispheres.

Excerpt from the Channeling by Lightlord Metatron:

Your innermost being shall be like a diamond: purest devotion to the Divine; whereupon the Gate of Bliss will open up within you, pouring grace onto you. You shall be a light bearer of grace for the New Age. What is greater, more beautiful, more radiant, more sublime than being grace for humanity on the threshold of the New Age?
May great delight be with you, just as it is with us – we are also celebrating this day. Since many, many Brothers and Sisters of Light on Earth are opening their heart with the inner longing: "O Lord, show Thyself. Show us your mercy. Reveal Thyself to us." Yes, God’s revelation occurs within you and around you. This planet’s vibration shall be raised again – a new octave. Light is coming in from everywhere in the cosmos, from everywhere in the universe through innumerable channels of light.
And this is a particularly pure, diamond ray: Grace! God’s grace meaning: Dissolution, salvation. Entrust everything to this flow of grace, whatever may concern you: Be it personal issues of your life or be it for others, for this Earth, for this creation, for mankind, animals, plants or for the entire creation. Entrust all your wishes to this flow of grace.

© Author: Antje Kyria Deva Eisele 07.07.2007

1 pair of high-quality Silver-Earrings: Studs in 925, each with one finely polished, faceted zirconia diamond in crystal-clear set in silver, very filigree and brilliant.

Length:   1/2 in. / 15 mm
Diameter:   1/4 in. / 6 mm