Archangel Pendant

Archangel Pendant

Power of Love of the Archangels

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Experience the presence of Archangel Metatron and the Archangels of the Divine Colour Rays!

  • You are in intensive heart contact with the Archangels, you are instantly interwoven and unified with them
  • Experience the unified fire of love of the Archangels
  • The cosmic fire of love of the Archangels ignites itself in your chakras and your energy bodies
  • The power of love of the Archangels is with you and accompanies you
  • Archangels guard, protect and lead you
  • You can hand over your ego issues and pains into the fire of love
  • The fire of love redeems your resistance and limitations towards the love of the Archangels
  • The Archangels show you the true light being that they see in you and they promote this
  • Especially suitable for purifying and liberating the Third Eye and to expand your spiritual perception
  • The Archangels give you a higher perspective of things
  • This pendant has been consecrated by Archangel Metatron and the Archangels of the 12 divine colour rays: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Jophiel, Chamuel, Zadkiel, Aquariel, Anthriel, Valeoel, Perpetiel, Omniel, Sealtiel
  • In addition you can contact the Archangels of the Sefirot light portals

A mighty portal opens and the Archangels come with their radiant presence. They radiate into you with their unified power of love. Their cosmic fire of love purifies, liberates, clears and illuminates your Chakras, energy bodies and your entire life. You feel carried and embraced.

Diamond energisation and initiation.

Possible Uses:
Illuminated guidance / Aura pendant / Aura harmonization / Strengthening of the aura / Protection / Transforming energetic blockages / Karma transformation

Aura pendant (e.g. for strengthening of the aura, protection):
You can wear the archangel medallion every day as an aura pendant on a chain around your neck and so the light of the archangels flows in your aura. Your aura is powerfully permeated by the rays of colour you need. Energetic blockages gradually disappear like dark clouds shone by the sun. In this way the flow of energy in all energy centers, paths and structures of the entire aura is created and stabilized.
Wear the Archangel Medallion everyday to draw the vibration and protection of the Archangels into your aura even more each day. The Archangels accompany and guide you. You are surrounded and held by them. Their radiant presence prevents negative foreign energies from entering your energy field.

Illuminated guidance:
The archangels guide you in all situations of your life. If an unexpected challenge occurs, in which you wish the advice of all archangels, then you can present your request to them e.g. as follows: "I ask for intensive activation of this medallion and ask you, dear archangels, to enter my heart. Give me awareness and clarity. How do you view this matter from your higher perspective? What do you advise me to do?"
You can also call a certain Archangel, for example: "Beloved Archangel Michael/Raphael/Chamuel/..., I ask for your protection and advice. What can I do to bring this into harmony/peace/healing/...?"

Aura harmonization (e.g. Transforming energetic blockages, Karma transformation):
You can use the Archangel Medallion in meditations, private and professional energy work. It is ideal for cleansing, harmonizing and stabilizing the chakras. Put it on a chakra, especially on the Third Eye (for the expansion of the mental perceptions) or the Heart Chakra (for heart opening and intimate heart contact with the archangels). Then meditate: close your eyes, go into your inwardness and come into contact with the Archangels. Ask them to purify your entire aura (e.g. to release extraneous energies, to transform your karma together with you) and to illuminate all released aura areas with their love fire.
Each archangel with his individual powers helps you to recognize and release energetic blockages of all kinds.

How to integrate the vibration effectively:
Put this light crystal regularly on your Heart Chakra, then read the initiation channeling and/or the product flyer and go with it into the silence.

Archangel Metatron and Michael talk about the Archangel Medallion in the Initiation Channeling:

A mighty portal is opening itself and the Archangels are coming into your presence.

The Archangels of the 12 divine colour rays and the Archangels of the Sefirot light portals are connected with this diamond Archangel Pendant. They come into your presence, which means that Archangels that accompany humanity unify their heart flames, their divine I AM flame and as such their uniqueness and their power of love. And so they ignite their unified cosmic fire of love in you. They ignite their cosmic fire of love in your Chakras and your energy bodies. With their cosmic fire of love they purify, liberate, clear and illuminate them down to the depths of your soul, of your being.

Each single Archangel holds up the divine mirror to you and shows you through this mirror what he sees in you: the true and pristine light being. This is what he fosters in you with his power of love.

You can request of each Archangel to show you what is still obstructive in you, where you block yourself and distance yourself from the love of the Archangels. The Archangels show you with their love where you prevent yourself from being accepted and being loved. Each individual Archangel can help you with their specific powers of authority how to incinerate your own resistance in the fire of love.

You will experience and feel how Archangels are in their personality, how they represent the divine fire. This is transferred into this diamond Archangel Pendant. You can profoundly feel and perceive how Archangels are.


© Author: Antje Kyria Deva Eisele 07.05.2018

High quality glass pendant with finely polished facets and sand-blasted, gold-plated angel figure. The top includes a bail enables for hanging. The bail consists of gold-plated pure silver (925).

Length:   1-1/2 in. / 37 mm
Width:   3/4 in. / 21 mm
Depth:   1/4 in. / 7 mm