Pearl of Grace

Pearl of Grace

from Mother Mary

Everlasting Light of Grace for your Soul

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  • Connect with the Grace of Mother Mary and the Seraphim of God
  • An everlasting light of grace for your soul
  • Brings your heart to illumination
  • Envelops you in the Light of Grace of Mother Mary
  • Always ignites a light in the darkness
  • Mother Mary opens the gates of Heaven, she guides you through the darkest hour into the light
  • The Grace of Mother Mary transforms and blesses you
  • The Seraphim of God and Mother Mary envelope you in their love flame

This light of grace gives you the deepest trust to be guided. Mother Mary and the Seraphim of God, the Fire Angels of pure love, enter the room of your soul. They envelope you in their flame of love. When your soul is covered in darkness, Mother Mary ignites her flame.
Place your soul's pain into the flaming heart of Mother Mary. With this light of grace, Mother Mary, the Queen of the Angels, ignites your heart and gives you her heavenly blessing.

Crystalline energization and initiation.

Possible Uses:
Hang up in rooms, as a pendant for the aura and makes a perfect gift for others.

Especially beneficial for: aura harmonization, transforming energetic blocks, harmony in relationships, illuminated guidance, protection and grace

Excerpt from the channeling by Mother Mary:

The light of grace, that I give the Earth today, is a light that will guide you through the darkness. Think of my light of grace during your darkest hour of your soul. When you soul is covered in darkness, think of this light of grace, ignite it anew in your heart and call me, Mother Mary! In an instant I will open the doors and gates of heaven. I guarantee you: Heaven always has an answer. We illuminated beings always know a solution. There is always a way and we, the angels, will guide you.

This light of grace will give you trust: trust that you will be guided in every moment of your life. With my light in your heart, you have nothing to fear or be afraid of. I am the light in the darkness and will light your way. I am the grace in your hour of need. I am the healing force of your soul. I am the wonder of God, that rocks your heart.

My burning heart ignites your heart and ignites all of humanity today that wish to have this love. The choir of angels and all illuminated beings bless you. You are forever in our hearts, because love lasts eternally. The body will go but the soul persists and ascends. So it is, Beloved Ones.

© Author: Antje Kyria Deva Eisele 13.06.2015

High quality glass pearl with fine cut and facets
with AB Coating,
comes with bail for hanging on string or chain.

Diameter:   1/2 in. / 11mm
Length:   3/4 in. / 20 mm