Crystal heart small

Crystal Heart small

Power of Love of the Holy Spirit

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  • Radiating the power of love and being a magnet of love
  • The Divine Mother’s Flame of Love
  • Ignites your Heart Chakra
  • Mirror of the purest love
  • Being in your heart
  • Living from your heart
  • Having the courage to follow the path of your heart
  • Immersing in Divine Love
  • Loving yourself
  • The unified heart chakra will be activated and stabilized

This heart is a crystalline mirror of Divine Love – pure and pristine. It connects you with the Power of Love of the Holy Spirit and you become a magnet of love. It is imbued with the Divine Mother’s Flame of Love and this flame touches you. It radiates love and attracts love in its purest, divine form.

Crystalline energization and initiation.

Possible Uses:
You may wear this Heart of Love as a pendant on a necklace, ribbon or cord. It is a beautiful shining piece of jewellery which illuminates the aura.
It can be put on a charka during meditation or you can take one heart in each hand – then the energy will flow through your hand chakras into all meridians and other chakras.

Excerpt from the Channelling by Archangel Metatron:

These hearts shall be a powerful gift: The Power of Love and a magnet of love, radiating love and attracting love. Yes, it reflects the Power of Love of the Holy Trinity, just as it should reflect in you; in wonderful information and energy: the love of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the energy of the Divine Mother’s Flame of Love. She is the bearer of the Divine Flame of Love and this heart shall be imbued with it and suffuse you. A ray of love from the highest realms, from the Crystal Heart of the Divine, touches these hearts and your hearts.
You may call these hearts: “The Power of Love of the Holy Spirit”.

© Author: Antje Kyria Deva Eisele 10.04.2004

High quality, finely polished, faceted glass with AB coating.
Comes with bail for hanging.

Length:   3/4 in. / 18 mm 
Depth:   1/4 in. / 7 mm

Available in different colours – semi-transparent:
blue, gold, violet