Flower of Life Sphere small

Flower of Life Sphere small

Key to the Matrix of Primordial Creation

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  • Key to the Holy White Brotherhood
  • You will attend the Light Academies of God
  • Teaches you to be One and to merge with the consciousness matrix of higher vibrating beings of light
  • The next octave of your Merkaba will be ignited
  • The energy bodies and the cell consciousness will be harmonized, connected and opened to the Light
  • Activation of the aura layers up to the highest galactic light bodies, i.e., the Light Body of Christ will be activated
  • Key to the Primordial Matrix of Creation of the primal Adam-Kadmon-Body
  • Connection to the Temple of Primordial Creation of the Elohim
  • Very intensive for spiritual healing

You enter into the Temple of Primordial Creation of the Elohim. The Seraphim, Elohim, Archangels, Avatars, Goddesses, Cosmic Brothers and Sisters and many more highly vibrating beings of light merge with you and your consciousness matrix. They transmit information, their divine potential and their specific abilities to you. You will be enrolled in the Light Academies of God.

Diamond energisation and initiation.

Possible Uses:
Put the Flower of Life Sphere Diamond underneath you, in front of you or at a suitable place above you for meditations. You may also take it in your hands. Connect yourself with the Temple of Primordial Creation of the Elohim through your heart. Put it on the client’s Root Chakra for spiritual healings.

Excerpt from the Channelling of Lightlord Metatron and the Elohim of Primordial Creation:

This is the key to the Matrix of Primordial Creation, the key to the holiest sanctuary of Primordial Creation. It is the Temple of Primordial Creation where the crystalline first man, the Adam Kadmon, was created and it is the place where the risen and ascended Christ-Being will return to receive the final consecration. Your physical body and your entire being is vitalized and refreshed by endless streams of eternal life. It embodies sacred streaming, renewal and rebirth.
The endless love of the Lords and Goddesses of Primordial Creation is present. They speak: We are the Elohim. Our Elohim aspect will be instilled in you and rekindled. The Elohim aspect is within you. It restructures, reactivates, renews and deifies all elements and structures of creation. This will bring forth even greater love for the entire creation. You will behold and acknowledge the pristine, pure and divine form of holy revelation. A sacred space will be created wherein we can transfer the Matrix of Primordial Creation in absolute, divine perfection. It is the 12-strand genesis spiral that bears the imprint of the female and male primal bodies of this species in pristine purity. The Primordial Light Bodies will be pulsating and alternating, shining forth in new splendor and singing the song of their own unique creation. The sound frequencies and the melodies of primordial creation will be transmitted. The pulsating and alternating divine color rays will pervade your genesis structure thereby transmitting divine color sequences followed by divine order and sacred geometry. We restore your Primordial Light connections to All That Is, to the stars, planets and the suns. We activate the alignments and the stellar maps that once were inherent to your Primordial Light Body.

© Author: Antje Kyria Deva Eisele 23.09.2013

High-quality, crystal clear glass ball with lasered Flower of Life.
Delivered with stainless steel ring.

Diameter:   2-3/8 in. / 60 mm

Safety Information:
Warning! Do not place the sphere in direct sunlight due to magnifying glass effect. Do not place on a burnable surface.