Avatar Diamond ruby-red small

Avatar Diamond ruby-red small

Diamond Flame of Primordial Creation

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  • Being connected with Lightlord Metatron and Babaji, the Ascended Master
  • Extremely good grounding
  • Key to God’s wisdom in the manifested creation
  • The cells receive contact to the infinite wisdom of the creator
  • The cells will remember their divinity
  • Activates the Kundalini Power
  • The holy White Cobra arises from the Root Chakra
  • Mastering physical creation
  • Above and below are one within you
  • Activates your diamond light vehicle "Merkaba"
  • Awakens the diamond light body
  • Letting go of the old system of values and "ascend" to the consciousness of Divine Oneness

You are connected with Babaji, the Ascended Master of Light, who was able to transform his body into light, he transcended it and became a divine diamond himself. Babaji infuses your cells with the consciousness "I AM light and I am able to transform myself into light." Babaji activates the "key to God’s wisdom in the manifested creation". This key melts the highest divine principle – the Crown – with the lowermost point in divine creation into a unity within you – above and below are one.

Diamond energisation and initiation.

Possible Uses:
You may put it on one Chakra, especially on the Root Chakra (between your legs), underneath or in front of you during meditations. Take it in your hands and let the energy flow. Carry the diamond with you.

Excerpt from the Channeling by Babaji, the diamond Master of Light:

These red light diamonds are the key from the divine Throne Room of God, the infinite light frequency of God - into your plane, into your physical presence, into the here and now. They connect the topmost Throne Room with the lowermost divine plane in manifestation and open up the infinite wisdom of God in your cells. Hence, your cell-consciousness may regain contact to the infinite wisdom of the creator which was embedded into them from the beginning of all material creation.
The light of the red diamond connects the Keter – the Crown – with the Malkhut – the lowermost point in divine creation – above and below are one, they are Oneness, all is one in God.
This light is able to awaken your Kundalini Power. The holy White Cobra will arise from your Root Chakra, move up your Prana Tube and protect you just as it protected Buddha when he found enlightenment.
I infuse each single cell with the consciousness that they are light, and that they are actually capable of transforming themselves into light, of being completely light. As they originated from light and were created out of light, they may ascend towards the light and transform themselves into light in every moment; they may free themselves from all earthly ties.

© Author: Antje Kyria Deva Eisele 27.08.2009

High-quality, finely polished and faceted zirconia diamond in ruby-red.
Delivered in a wooden box with high gloss finish.

Diameter:   1 in. / 25 mm