What are Light Crystals & Light Diamonds?

Litios Light Crystals and Light Diamonds are energetic light tools that give you more energy for your daily life and support your spiritual evolution and daily energetic work.

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What are Light Crystals & Light Diamonds?

Use of the Light Crystals & Light Diamonds


What are Light Crystals & Light Diamonds?

The Character of Light Crystals and Light Diamonds

The light crystals and light diamonds are energetic light tools that support your spiritual evolution and bring lightful energy into your daily life. They raise the vibration in your aura and in your rooms. They promote a new light awareness in all your thoughts, emotions and your whole existence.

The highly vibrating energies in the light crystals and light diamonds are infused from angels, ascended masters and other lightful beings (energy carriers made of glass, zirconia or other natural materials). So each Light Crystal and Light Diamond is connected to one or more lightful beings who lovingly take you by the hand, accompany you and guide you through the next steps of your evolution.

Blume des Lebens
They bring heavenly splendour into your aura and rooms
  • They heal your soul body and ignite your chakras to highest radiance
  • They are light nourishment for your soul and spirit
  • They purify your aura of low vibrating energies
  • Angels inflame your aura and chakras with their light
They bring you the lightness of being
  • Blockages, sadness and stress transform and flow away
  • Blessing and consolation of heavenly beings enwrap you
  • Childlike joy, purity and carefreeness are unfolding
  • You receive knowledge and wisdom from the Universal Source
Avatar-Diamand gold
They awaken your true light potential
  • Your inner radiance, talents and skills will be revealed
  • They ignite the quantum leap in your light consciousness
  • They manifest the light of a higher world in your daily life

The light crystals and light diamonds accelerate your growth

Blume des Lebens

Just as modern vehicles such as cars, trains and planes accelerate your journeys, light crystals and light diamonds accelerate your spiritual progress. If, for example, you have had a hard day's work in the office, you can continue your spiritual evolution despite all that has happened on that day, because the light crystals help you to go to the school of angels and masters.

  • They create a protected light space for you in which you can let yourself fall confidently into the arms of the angels
  • They form for you a direct channel into the dimensions of angels and ascended ones so that you can immerse yourself in deep meditation
  • Spiritual work (e.g. karma transformation) no longer feels so difficult because you are supported and guided by angels and masters
  • Like a sun, they radiate your aura and show you hidden shadows that inhibit your spiritual progress. At the same time they cause the transformation of these shadows
  • They help you to align yourself quickly and easily and to enter into your innermost being

Use of the Light Crystals & Light Diamonds

Kontakt mit Lichtwesen

The angels love it when you communicate with them. Ask them for their support in using the light crystals and light diamonds (e.g.: "I ask for intensive activation of my light crystal."). You can ask the light beings with whom your light crystals and light diamonds are connected for anything that is currently important to you (e.g: "Beloved Angels, I ask you for accompaniment and guidance. Please give me the power today especially for ...").

Lichtlord Metatron spoke in a channeling about the application of light crystals:

„A simple request is enough for us. We are happy to help you and always respect your free will.“

channeled by Kyria Deva

"We [...] always respect your free will." means that they work for you when you ask them to. (This also means that they do not force their help upon you unasked.) So the principle is: Ask and you will be given.

And finally, you may thank for the help. With your gratitude you give the angels a great joy!

For which aspects of life do you wish the support of the angels and ascended masters?

Lightful accompaniment and support in all aspects of your life

Wie du lichtvolle Begleitung und Unterstützung bekommst
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Balancing your whole aura (chakras, energy bodies, merkaba etc.)

Wie du deine Chakren, Energiekörper, Merkaba usw. reinigst und durchlichtest
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Harmonization of rooms, buildings and in nature

Wie du deine Umgebung energetisch harmonisierst
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Energetic support for other people

Wie du für geliebte Menschen, Tiere usw. wirken kannst
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Protection and lightful accompaniment during travels

Wie du lichtvolle Begleitung, Schutz usw. erhältst
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Pläne & Vorhaben

Wie du private oder berufliche Projekte unterstützt und durchlichtest
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