Discover the World of the Light Crystals of Litios

What are Light Crystals & Light Diamonds?

Litios light crystals are energetic light products. They bring lightful energy into your daily life and support your spiritual evolution. They raise the vibration of light in your aura and in your rooms.

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How do the light crystals of the New Age work?

  • Befreiung von niederschwingenden Energien

    Release & Cleansing of low vibrating energies

    Lightful beings enter your aura and release low vibrating energies (e.g. extraneous energies).
  • Reinigung & Transformation


    Disharmonies (e.g. karma, energetic blockages) are identified and transformed down to their roots.
  • Durchlichtung & spiritueller Fortschritt

    Permeation & Spiritual Progress

    The energies in your light body are harmoniously balanced and raised lightfully. You can manage your everyday life and proceed in your spiritual evolution.

Archangel Metatron

leads you together with angels and ascended masters into this loving, living and permeating energy.
He says to you: "Just open your heart chakra and welcome the crystal angels that enter your dimension through this gate and you can feel how the connection is made."

We are here for you

Congratulations! You have been referred to our Litios website by Archangel Metatron!

The whole spiritual school of life, which we received directly and over decades from Metatron and the spiritual light hierarchies, we share compactly and effectively on this page and in our seminars.

We are looking forward to a bright future together and are excited to get to know you personally!