Ursula & Peter Schnell
Diamond Partner

Ursula & Peter Schnell

Litios Representatives Canada and USA
Barrie, Ontario
Cell: +1 416 523 7728
Mail: contact@Litios.ca
Web: www.Litios.ca

Languages: Deutsch Englisch

Our intention

We are passionate about our Light Work with the Litios Light Crystals because we know the clearing and transformation it can bring, allowing for life-changing shifts to occur and providing for a quantum leap in consciousness.
We brought the Litios Light Crystals to North America in 2011 and continue to serve Canada and the East Coast USA with exhibitions, seminars, talks and lectures, private sessions and Earth healings.
We will assist all those that are open to bringing transformation into their lives and we invite you to experience for yourself the gift, the clarity and the intensity of the Litios Light Crystals to support you.

Our Light Work with the Litios Light Crystals

  • Individual consultation and sales & marketing of Litios Light Crystals
  • Seminars from the Metatron Light School (Introduction, basic and advanced seminars, Litios advanced trainings, etc.)
  • Regular meditation evenings and lectures
  • Single consultations – Intuitive Light Body Session for current personal issues and important decisions, eg. partnership, family, shock situations, career changes, living spaces, etc.
  • Single consultations – Intuitive Light Body Session to activate your spiritual evolution, eg. releasing extraneous energies, implants, curses and contracts, redemption of karma and family karma, aura and chakra balancing and harmonization, reconnecting to the Higher Self, Merkaba activation, effective grounding to the Earth, etc.
  • Personal initiations for Litios Light Crystals and Light Diamonds (eg. Melchizedek Wand)
  • Quantum Illumination Sessions for the body and aura (spiritual light surgery)
  • House Harmonization
  • Earth Healing
  • Remote sessions and single coaching (telephone, skype, etc)

About us

We are spiritual teachers and work extensively with the Litios Light Crystals in Canada and the USA.
We have trained with Edwin and Antje Eisele, founders of the Litios Light Crystals, in numerous trainings and seminars and are certified Metatron Diamond Light Priest / Priestess as well as Litios Light Crystal Practitioners.

In 2007, we discovered the Litios Light Crystals and they have accompanied and supported us ever since. They have accelerated our spiritual growth and have intensified our connection to the higher light dimensions and to the Angels, both in our meditations as well as in daily life.

In 2011, we brought the Litios Light Crystals to North America for the first time.
Since then, we pass on our knowledge through lectures, exhibitions, seminars, consultations and sessions.

born in Germany.

Since a young age I was sensitive to subtle energies and the thoughts of others. After having worked in biotechnical research as a biologists, I followed my inner calling to train in a variety of alternative approaches including:
Reiki Master
Sanjeevini Healing
Light Body Training
Kinesiology, Feng Shui
Kundalini Yoga (Certified teacher)
Creativ-Power Mind Training
Matrix Energetics with Richard Bartlett
Certified Medical Intuitive
Soul Genesis Readings
as well as regularly attending numerous seminars throughout the years.

born in Toronto Canada.

I have been interested in spiritual things since I was young and have been driven to find the truth of how it all works.
My background in electrical engineer and my fascination with energy work led me to work extensively with crystals and energy, training with Marcel Vogel & Co. and build precision transformational devices using Quartz Crystals and over many years.

I have also trained in:
Past Life Regressions
Kundalini Yoga
Creativ-Power Mind Training (certified trainer)
Matrix Energetics with Richard Bartlett
as well as regularly attending numerous seminars throughout the years.