Light Crystal of the month: Prism Sphere

Light Crystal of the month: Prism Sphere

May 2021

The Prism Sphere is ideal for times when you feel tense inside and take things that come your way very hard. It helps you to let go, to get back into energetic flow and lightness.

You can let go of what is weighing you down: the current situation, problems at work, unpleasant experiences with people etc.

You can revive what makes you freeze inside: fears, shocks, etc.

You can get the energies flowing again on a subtle level: your chakras, energy bodies, energy channels etc. are nourished with energy again.

With the Prism Sphere you feel the presence of your Divine Mother Mary, who is full of grace, joy and purity. She enwraps you in her protection full of security and love.

Mother Mary helps you to fill your aura with the divine color rays

The beautifully gleaming Prism Sphere connects you instantly with the crystalline Rainbow Sphere. From this Sphere it sends the color ray into your aura, that you currently need. Therefore it is wonderfully suitable to energetically cleanse your aura and to nurish it with new light.

For example, do a short meditation in which you can proceed like this:

Lie down comfortably or sit in a meditative posture
(e.g. sitting upright and in the lotus position or on a chair)
Place the Prism Sphere on or next to a selected chakra or take it in your hand.
(If you don't own a Prism Sphere, look at the picture above and immerse into it. Ask for this energy to work for you now)
Close your eyes, breathe deeply and calmly. Immerse yourself in your inwardness.
Ask for intense activation of the Prism Sphere.
Now you can get in touch with Mother Mary by invoking her inwardly.
Ask her to transform all negative energies together with you and to clear the aura.

You can speak, for example:
"Beloved Mother Mary, I invite you into my heart. Please help me to transform energetic blocks in the crown chakra / heart chakra / ... and lead it into salvation. Give me the color ray that I need right now for this. I ask you for healing for..."

You can also ask Mother Mary for her heavenly advice, for example:"How do you view this situation from your superior position?"
Or: "What can I do now? What do you advise me to do?"
Let Mother Mary work for you. Perceive with your subtle senses what is happening.
At the end, thank Mother Mary.
End the meditation:
Take a few deep breaths, gently move your body and open your eyes. Consciously come back into your body.

The Prism Sphere

  • Connects you with Mother Mary
  • Envelops you in the protective energy of the Divine Mother
  • Enlightenes your Third Eye
  • Sends you the colour ray into your aura that you are currently lacking