Light Crystal of the month: Photon Sun Wheel

Light Crystal of the month: Photon Sun Wheel

Are there times when you sometimes feel discouraged or sad about all that is happening in the world right now? Allow the Photon Sun Wheel to help you to transform the things inside you that pull you down. Let go of them now and let your inner light shine instead!

Raise your vibration for the transition into the light

The Photon Sun Wheel supports you in connecting with the divine Primordial Sun and the Sun Lords. The Sun Lords are beings of light who reside on the spiritual planes of the suns. They are light creators from the very beginning of creation.

The Sun Lords ignite the spiritual light of the suns in you. Currently it is radiating in intense form from the primordial suns to us in order to raise the light frequency of the Earth.

The increased vibration allows higher light to flow into your cells down to the quantum level. Things that drag you down (e.g. despondency, sadness) fall away from you.

The spiritual light penetrates all matter and makes it radiate

The Sun Lords also illuminate your physical body so that you can absorb the vibration of the higher levels of light.

They nourish your soul body and your aura through the divine colour rays.

On a spiritual level they expose your divine being and intensify the pure light within you.

You can strenghten the energy flow in your aura

You can wear the Photon Sun Wheel as a beautiful aura pendant on a necklace. In this way, the powerful, all-pervading energy of the divine primordial suns flows into your aura.

  • Your chakras are flooded with light energies, let go of old burdens and are transformed.
  • The light flows out of you into your life - whether meditation, family, work, leisure or other areas of life.
  • The Sun Lords accompany and guide you in your everyday life and in your individual process of ascension.

Words of Lightlord Metatron and Sun Lord Aton

„You are Light from true Light in Purest Divine Radiant Power - so pure and so radiant, that no dark though can hold itself within you."

Excerpt of the initiation channeling of the Photon Sun Wheel
Gechannelt von Engelmedium Kyria Deva

Use the Photon Sun Wheel as an ampilfier for more courage and self-confidence

Place your concerns and wishes into the heart of the Solar Light Beings. They will gladly strengthen you with everything you need at the moment e.g.:

with their protection in all places (at home, in the office, on journeys etc.)

with self-confidence in upcoming conversations (meetings, interviews, reconciliation talks, etc.)

with renewed courage and level-headedness in challenging times (standing by yourself, speaking your truth, protecting yourself or others, etc.).

Make yourself aware again: You alre luminously guided! You can reinforce this by starting each day with a short internalisation or meditation in which you call upon your spiritual guidance and the Sun Lords in your heart.

Small Meditation Exercise: The Photon Sun Wheel lifts you into the purest Divine Radiant Power

For this, you can do the following meditation steps, for example. First find a quiet place where you can spend time undisturbed.

Place the Photon Sun Wheel on your Heart Chakra.
If you do not have a Photon Sun Wheel, look at the pictures and imagine going into it. Ask for this energy to work for you now.
Relax your body
Close your eyes, breathe in and out consciously a few times.
Now ask for the activation of the Photon Sun Wheel
Call the Sun Lords into your presence
Ask them for their protection and for luminous guidance through the meditation. You can also ask them for other things, e.g. for their light-filled inspirations and clear spiritual perception.
Read the initiation channelling of the Photon Sun Wheel
This is helpful to enter into this energy and into contact with the Solar Light Beings.
Imagine the pure divine light from the primordial suns flowing into your Heart Chakra and how it is completely flooded with the warmth and radiance of the divine sun.
Feel the invigorating light extending up and down your body from the Heart Chakra and illuminating the other chakras.
The divine sun radiates into your light body and into your physical body
Feel the living divine vibration in your cells.
If you wish, ask for luminous inspirations
Finally, if you have a question on your mind, ask the Sun Lords for their advice by asking, for example, "How do you see this situation from your higher position?"
Or, "What can I do now? What advice do you have for me?"
End the meditation
Take a few deep breaths in and out, return your attention to your body and open your eyes.