Light Crystal of the month: Melchizedek Wand

Light Crystal of the month: Melchizedek Wand

March 2021

The transformation of your aura

The Melchizedek Wand is connected with Archangel Michael and High Priest Melchizedek. It is optimal for freeing you from energetic blockages and strange energies. It is a very special powerful light instrument that is only given with an initiation.

With this Wand in your handy you will become a pillar of light and integrate all chakras: they become one and ignite your unified chakra system. The Melchizedek Wand has the highest spiritual healing potential and is also ideal for remote treatments and remote meditations.

Little meditation excercise for aura harmonization with the Melchizedek Wand

There are many ways to use this very special Light Crystal. For example, for aura harmonization (transformation of energetic blockages through time and space, karma transformation, etc.) you can do this little meditation exercise:

Place the Melchizedek Wand on a chakra you wish to cleanse or hold it in a certain spot of your aura.
If you do not own a Melchizedek Wand, then look at the picture above. Imagine that you are now holding this Melchizedek Wand on the picture in your hands and that it is working for you).
Close your eyes and and let your breath flow evenly.
Ask for intensive activation of the Melchizedek Wand and call High Priest Melchizedek and Archangel Michael into your presence.
Ask them to transform all kinds of low vibrational energies (e.g. strange energies, energetic blockages) together with you and to clear your aura.
Say for example: "Beloved Archangel Michael and High Priest Melchizedek, please transform the energies in my ...chakra. Liberate it from all energies that block me and that block my inner developement. I also ask for..."
Also ask that all causes (especially of karmic nature) be burned by the fire of the Holy Spirit that the Melchizedek Staff ignites in your aura.
Now perceive how all burdens and all heaviness flow away from you.
Ask that all the vacated places in your entire aura be filled with new light by the fire of the Holy Spirit.
Stay a little longer in this meditation and feel how your aura is enriched with light and energy.
Take a few deep breaths and slowly return to your body.

You can repeat this small meditation exercise at any time. For example, it is an optimal start to the day. You will notice that the cleaning of the aura will be faster and easier each time.

The Melchizedek Wand causes the higher development of your light body

You can use the Melchizedek Wand to support the higher development of your light body. It helps you to dive into deep meditation and gradually elevate the energies in your aura. We like to suggest 3 possibilities to our clients:

Ask High Priest Melchizedek and Archangel Michael for lightful guidance, e.g.: "Be my spiritual teachers, protect and guide me."

• Regarding personal concers, you can also speak: "I ask for inspiration in my project..."
Or, "I ask for your help with..."
Or, "How do you view this from your higher perspective? What is your advice?"

To effectively and permanently integrate the vibration into your light body, you may regularly place this Light Crystal on your heart chakra or hold it in your hands while reading the initiation channeling and then immersing yourself into silent meditation.