Channeling of the month from Mother Mary

Channeling of the month from Mother Mary

May 2021

Do you sometimes wish for a place of peace and security lately? A place where you can let go of everything that makes you feel so uncomfortably tense, burdens you and weighs you down? A place where you can simply let go and relax?

Your divine mother Mary wants to help you and give you all this.

Mother Mary comes in her shining robe of grace and speaks to you:

"Come into my arms now, let me cleanse you. Let me heal the injuries of your soul. I envelop you with my robe of grace. It is the medicine of heaven for the injuries of your soul. You are always protected and guarded in my robe of grace.

I look over the millennia of your existence, release all pain and heal it. My robe of grace heals the injuries in your aura. All the dark gates will be closed.

When your soul is in distress, call me. I will bring you out of the deepest and darkest night, for I fear no darkness. The infernal planes tremble when my radiance enters, for my purity is inviolable. My purity penetrates all darkness, clouds, lies, falsehood and deceit. All false serpents vanish before my Light Power. And so all this disappears from your soul.

My robe of grace wraps around you like a second skin. It gently and softly touches you. I, the Divine Mother, accompany you today and all days. You are in my robe of grace forever. Nothing can ever separate us. This is the divine truth."

Channeled by Kyria Deva