Channeling of the month from Jesus Sananda

Channeling of the month from Jesus Sananda

February 2021

Immerse yourself into deep trust now. Trust that you are guided and secure in the Heart of God. Trust that Jesus Sananda is always with you.

Jesus Sananda speaks:

""Beloved Light Souls of this Earth, this is your true Master of the Heart Jesus Sananda.

I invite you to enter into my heart temple. You can trust completely now, because everything that burdens you, I have already transformed and redeemed into light in my life and in my mastery.

As soon as you enter my heart temple and unite completely with me, the energy of salvation comes into your life. It comes into everything that you are, into your whole being.

What can take you out of my power of love?
Whenever you focus on fear, anger, control and the current troubling issues of this world, dark portals open in your aura and you are connected to the matrix of this world.
You may ask me now to close these portals again and completely redeem them in my power of love and light. In the union of our hearts I outshine you with my golden light of resurrection. Now you are protected and secure."

Channeled by Kyria Deva